Bryston BDA1


Very well received 24/192kHz DAC from Bryston that sounds very fluent and analog. It is built to very high standards using the best components. The BDA-1 has eight digital inputs. Including manual. Newprice: 2.990 euro (pricelist is available), now for 650 euro.


The BDP2 from Canadian manufacturer Bryston is an user friendly media streamer that sounds great. The BDP2 is Roon ready and has the most recent Manic Moose software installed. This unit can be upgraded with an internal harddisk drive. Newprice: 3.760 ...


The Bryston BP1.5 Phono Stage is a highend phono stage offering both moving magnet and moving coil cartridge step-up capabilities, allowing the BP1.5 to provide superb audio performance for traditional vinyl playback. Please note that the BP1.5 requires an outboard ...


Very reliable and excellent sounding audiophile preamp with balanced in- and outputs. De BP26 comes with the full-size external MPS2 power supply. The BP26 has internationally been reviewed very favorably. Including metal remote and manual. Actual newprice for the BP26 ...