Naim NAP250 DR


The NAP250 DR is a stereo power amplifier from Naim, which incorporate the newest DR technology. The NAP-250 DR has a modest output of 2 x 85W, but is stable into any load and able to drive a 2-Ohm load for ...


This integrated amplifier from Naim has received many positive reviews worldwide. Sounds like a real Naim with lots of “pace & rhythm”. Furthermore this XS3 has an excellent integrated headphone amplifier and a phono MM input. This unit was supplied by ...


Naim NAC-N272


Naim NAC-N272 preamp with an integrated streamer and DAC. The NAC-N272 sounds very transparent and has a superior musicality. This unit can handle UPnP, TIDAL, iRadio and Bluetooth sources. Including original remote. Newprice (Europe): 4.600 euro, now available for 1.990 euro.