This Reference loudspeaker cable in the actual Audioquest range. Length: 2,5 meter. Terminated with banana connectors on both sides. Supplied by an official Dutch Audioquest dealer and in as new condition. Including the original boxes. Newprice: 18.800 euro (pricelist is available), now ...


Oracle MA Reference interlink from MIT. Factory terminated. Extremely popular with many audiophiles because it can successfully be used in a wide range of systems, due to it's adjustable impedance. Therefore it can perfectly be matched with a variety of ...


Digital AES/EBU interconnect from the MIT Oracle MA Reference line. Length: 1 meter. Newprice: 3.000 euro, now available for 1.250 euro.


The HDMI Diamond from Audioquest is an audiophile HDMI cable from their Diamond series. Factory terminated with their excellent connectors and with the 72V DBS system. Length: 1m. Newprice: 1.095 euro (pricelist is available), now for 475 euro.


ZYX 4D Mono X


This "top-of-the-line" mono MC cartridge from ZYX is in almost unused condition. The previous owner only had some try outs with mono records, but quickly decided not to continue with mono records. Includes original box. Price: 900 euro. Specs: Monaural Moving ...


Audioquest Monsoon


Monsoon power cord from Audioquest. Again a great Audioquest cable with an excellent price/quality ratio. Including original box and with a length of 1m. Newprice: 459 euro (pricelist is available), now for 225 euro.


The Audioquest Vodka is an audiophile RJ/E Ethernet cable from Audioquest. Length: 0,75m. Price: 95 euro.




Excellent power cord from USA manufacturer FIM (First Impression Music). By combining special materials and construction it combines the best of both worlds, speed and transparency for the mids/highs and a very deep and solid bass, in combination with ...


NBS Statement AC


Statement powercable from NBS, one of the market leaders in the area of highend powercables. Very musical with a great bass reproduction. Again a great cable designed by Walter Fields from NBS. This Statement is factory terminated with Shuko connectors ...


Get the best out of your highend bi-wire loudspeaker system with these Norse jumpers from Nordost. Including the original box. We have two sets available. Price: 100 euro per set.


Koetsu Urushi Vermillion MC cartridge in excellent condition. Including original box. Newprice: 6.099 euro (pricelist is available), now for 2.500 euro. Specs:: Urushi Lacquered Rosewood Body Double Coil - Silverplated Copper Coil Wiring Samarium Cobalt Magnet Boron Cantilever 0.2 mV Output 9g Net ...


This special offer is for four pairs of the famous Western Electric 300B tubes. These are the reliable "first" re-issues made with the original equipment, materials and workers that were reponsible for the original versions. Which not applies to the ...