Shelter 9000


Shelter 9000 MC cartridge from Japanese designer Yasuo Ozawa. The 9000 is the finest of Shelter’s “thousand-series” models, which means it is, hands down, one of the two most revealing and transparent-sounding cartridges the company has offered to date. This Shelter 9000 ...


Special classic cartridge from Kiseki with a beautiful stone body. This cartridge has been retipped and serviced by Van den Hul. This MC cartridge is in excellent condition and can naturally be auditioned. Price: 1.250 euro. Specifications: - Housing: bottom plate ...


Kiseki Blue Goldspot


This is the original version of the legendary Kiseki Blue, but in the much improved Goldspot version. The Goldspot version can be recognized by the "spot" on the front of the cartridge. This MC cartridge is in excellent condition and ...


Excellent classic MC cartridge from Clearaudio using 24K gold coils, a boron cantilever and magnesium/aluminium alloy body. In beautiful condition and with its original box. Price: 275 euro Specs: - Output Voltage: .6 mV - Stylus Shape: 5 X 40 µm - Internal ...




One the most beautiful built tonearms around. Easy adjustable en very reliable. It has the unique one-piece magnesium tone-arm, dual-lock base and other advanced features listed. Including original manual and the original tools to adjust the arm. Actual newprice: 6.390 euro, ...


Project 12CC EVO


The Project 12CC EVO 12" is an excellent tonearm with a carbon-fibre armtube/headshell. It is easy to adjust and use. It performs beyond expectations, based on its new price. Including the original box. Newprice: 1.099 euro, now available for 490 euro.


Excellent firewire interconnect from Siltech. Works perfect with DCS and EMM Labs firewire components. Length: 1 meter, now available for 175 euro.


Balanced G3 interconnect from Siltech, model SQ-80B. With silver/gold conductors, sounds very dynamic and detailed. Length: 0,6 meter, including original box. Price: 325 euro.


Mine Serpent II digital interconnect from NBS. The Mine Serpent II is again a great cable designed by Walter Fields from NBS. In excellent condition and factory terminated. Length: 1 meter. Including original NBS bag. Available for 125 euro.


The Meze Audio Empyrean are exotic, open-back headphones for audiophiles. They're the first 'Isodynamic Hybrid Array' planar magnetic headphones, and this design is advertised to reduce their driver weight, provide ultra-high-resolution audio, and reduce total harmonic distortion. In addition to ...


Over the years the K1000 from AKG has become a sought after classic. This AKG comes with the Dutch Sonodore HPA1000 headphone amplifier which was specially developed for the K1000. From a performance perspective still among the very best out ...


Excellent RCA cable from the Select top-of-the-line series of Kimber. Factory terminated with high quality WBT connectors. Length: 1 meter. Actual newprice is 3.995 euro for this length, now available for 1.250 euro.