Accuphase DP600


Beautiful (SA)CD player from Accuphase with a built-in preamp and DAC. This player has received worldwide raving reviews. It combines an excellent build quality with great audiophile qualities. This player has two digital inputs and an HS Link input. ...


Former reference preamplifier from Audio Research. Fully balanced. All inputs can be used in balanced or single ended mode. Including box, manual and remote. Newprice: 11.000 euro, now available for 3.500 euro.


Excellent turntable from USA manufacturer Basis, which comes with a Vector 4 tonearm installed and an external motor unit. Furthermore this unit is supplied with an additional expensive baseplate suitable to mount SME tonearms. Newprice: 11.000 euro, now available for 3.250 euro.


Excellent power amplifier from Classe. Known and praised for its neutral sound, tonal accuracy and 3-dimensionality. Stable powerhouse of almost 50kg that will also drive “difficult” loudspeakers. 2 x 300W / 8ohm in stereo mode, mono bridgeable to 2.400W / 4ohm. Balanced and ...


Classe CP65


One of the very best preamps made by Classe. The CP65 is a remote controlled balanced preamplifier with an external powersupply. Four inputs that can be used for both single ended and balanced sources. Including metal remote and manual. Newprice: 7.500 ...


Designed to improve performance of any turntable using a synchronous motor. The Syncro from Clearaudio is a power generator for turntables that provides stable power and enables electronic 33/45 rpm speed selection. Price: 450 euro.


Naim NAC-N272 preamp with an integrated streamer and DAC. The NAC-N272 sounds very transparent and has a superior musicality. This unit can handle UPnP, TIDAL, iRadio and Bluetooth sources. Initially supplied by the official Dutch distributor. Including original box, manual ...


Naim XP5 XS


The Naim XP5 XS offers XS Series levels of performance and system matching with Naim's other XS Series components. The Naim XP5XS is a multiple output separate power supply that can be used to upgrade Naim's digital products: the ...


The Octave Phonomodule is a full feature tube phono preamplifier which allows the use of three different Input modules and three different Output modules. This unit comes with two line inputs modules enabling both RCA and XLR sources. It naturally ...


Oracle Delphi MKV turntable including the SME 345 tonearm and the Turbo power supply. Classic design and very musical. The SME 345 was specially manufactured for Oracle and is one of the most beautiful built tonearms around. Easy adjustable en very reliable. ...


This is one of the most recent introduced models in the Spectral reference preamp series. It is extraordinarily resolving and smooth sounding. 6 single-ended and 1 balanced inputs, both single ended and balanced outputs. This unit has initially been supplied by the ...


The Chronolog from German manufacturer Trigon is an audio player that performs at the highest level from the built-in cd player, the internal 500GB SSD drive and external music sources. For specs see underneath. Including original box, Trigon power cable ...