The 905 from DCS is the world’s first analogue-to-digital converter capable of processing audio at up to 384 kS/s. It is considered to be the best Mastering grade AD converters ever made. The 905 can be used with an external Masterclock. ...


The MCD500 from McIntosh is an excellent SACD player with an integrated volume control. Furthermore the MCD500 also has digital inputs that can be used for digital sources, such as streamers. Including remote, manual and box. Newprice: 9.700 euro (pricelist is ...


The Yggdrasil from USA based manufacturer Schiit has been praised often for its performance considering its "modest" price. The Yggdrasil is a powerful DAC that can handle data streams up to 24/192kHz. In the many reviews online its performance is ...


Reliable audiophile preamp from Bryston that sounds great. It has almost 8 years remaining factory guarantee. Including manual and programmable remote. Price: 750 euro.


The Hydra Triton is simply the best power conditioner Shunyata has ever made. Product of the Year and Golden Ear Awards from The Absolute Sound, and a slew of other critical acclaim, hold this much to be true. So does ...


Primare A60


Reference power amplifier form Primare with unsurpassed building quality and very musical. The A60 power amplifier is a 2 x 250 watt stereo power amplifier utilizing proprietary UFPD technology. It is very stable and even provides 2 x 500 watt at 4ohm loads. Ecologically ...


The Meridian Media Core 200 is a compact and elegant streaming solution that requires only your choice of controller to bring it to life. This compact system with a storage of 500GB can store your cd’s at full lossless quality, ...


Effective power conditioner from MIT. 10 outlets total, 2 for power amplifiers (no current limiting), 2 isolated outlets for digital, 6 for analog sources. This is an original European supplied 230V version. Price: 750 euro.


The PA8 preamplifier from German manufacturer AVM is a model in the “top-of-the-line" Ovation series. The PA8 is an excellent (tube) preamp with the possibility to install additional modules. This PA8 comes with the Phono MM/MC, DAC and Tube ...


Naim NAC-N272


Naim NAC-N272 preamp with an integrated streamer and DAC. The NAC-N272 sounds very transparent and has a superior musicality. This unit can handle UPnP, TIDAL, iRadio and Bluetooth sources. Including original remote. Newprice (Europe): 4.600 euro, now available for 1.990 euro.


T+A SR1535R


The SR1535R from German T+A is their former reference multi-channel AV receiver. This unit has the usual T+A minimalist design and build quality and sounds very powerful without sacrificing on audiophile qualities. This unit was sourced from ...


Digital multi-channel (8 channels) preamp from Audionet. Besides an excellent performance in multi-channel environments, it also performs up to high standards in two channel stereo setups. It has an excellent 24/192Khz DAC onboard which accepts data over USB. Including remote, manual ...