47 Labs 4704 PiTracer -with twin 4700 power supplies- -VERKOCHT-


Het Japanse 47 Labs staat voor minimalistische ontwerpen met hoogwaardige prestaties. Met de 4704 PiTracer hebben ze een referentie cd transport ontwikkeld dat gebaande paden verlaat en onnavolgbaar analoog klinkt.

Dit aanbod bestaat uit de PiTracer 4704 cd transport met twee 4700 Humpty Dumpty externe voedingen. Inclusief transportkist voor het loopwerk en afstandsbediening. Nieuwprijs: 33.320 euro (prijslijst is aanwezig), nu beschikbaar voor 8.950 euro.

Review Stereophile:

“…Could this baby ever sing.

My immediate impression of the PiTracer, later backed up by many hours of contented listening, was of sonic clarity. It was so transparent that I simply loved listening to music with it. The extra-wide, -deep, practically Olympic-sized soundstage made me want to dive in!

I’ve heard this kind of presentation so far only from SACD: The backgrounds were blacker than black, resulting in an enhanced sense of imaging. And running direct from the Elgar Plus to the Krells gave me more of that special ease I crave, and which I associate with high-bit-rate, high-sampling-rate machines.

The PiTracer sounded very linear from the bottom: stygian depths to the highest of highs. Sweet, detailed, and oh-so-right there—the immediacy made me gasp with pleasure. Very much like the Linn’s presentation—fast, pacey, taut, transparent, and fast off the mark.

I was surprised. I’d assumed that, with so much processing going on in the following stages, the contribution of the transport to the overall sound of today’s separate digital components was becoming less significant. Was I ever wrong!…”

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