Aavik U300 -withUSB DAC & phono MC- -VERKOCHT-


De U300 geïntegreerde versterker van het Deense Aavik beschikt over een zeer hoogwaardige DAC en Phono MC voorversterker. In The Absolute Sound is de U-300 een “game-changer” genoemd omdat het nu mogelijk is om de allerbeste weergavekwaliteit in één fraai vormgegeven apparaat te combineren.

300W / 8 ohm, 600W / 4 ohm en tot 2 Ohm onvoorwaardelijk stabiel. Ingangen: een RCA (phono), drie RCA lijn inputs, twee digitale RCA SPDIF (32k–192kHz), twee TosLink optisch (32kHz–96kHz) en een USB (PCM 32k–192kHz).

Inclusief originele verpakking, afstandsbediening en handleiding. Nieuwprijs: 25.000 euro, nu beschikbaar voor 9.900 euro.

Review The Absolute Sound:

“..After living with the U-300 for over three months, I still look forward to every listening session and am still discovering subtle nuances in old recordings I thought I knew well. I get goosebumps at almost every session. Fun bonuses that don’t affect the sound: It’s nice to turn on the whole system with a single switch; it’s refreshing not to have to turn on the air-conditioning every time I play the system for more than an hour; it’s a pleasure to only need a few cables and power cords to hook up the entire system. To answer my own question, I believe the U-300 offers enormous value, even at $30,000. When considering the combined cost of separates that are truly competitive with the Aavik, the U-300 is a relative bargain in today’s high-end scene. To my way of thinking, the U-300 is a game-changer in the high-end industry. It is now possible to think about state-of-the-art performance for all necessary electronics in a single, very stylish box. The U-300 welcomes with open arms almost any speakers, not just monitors or high-sensitivity models. I hope some of you take or make the opportunity to audition the U-300. I think you’ll be impressed.”

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