Aitos EV901 -OTL mono tube amplifiers- -SOLD-


Dutch manufacturer Aitos makes the finest hand-built tube amplifiers around. This “boutique” manufacturer has been doing so since more then 30 years.

The Aitos EV901, a 160 watt mono OTL power amplifier, is the culmination of R&D, and customer and listening panel feedback. The EV901 is able to drive lower impedance/sensitivity loudspeakers.

Newprice: 13.950 euro (the actual successor, EV903 has a price tag of 20.000 euro). Now this pair of EV901’s is available for 1.990 euro.


– Principle: OTL-tube power amplifier
– Tubes used: 6 power tubes, 3 double triodes and 1 pentode
– Diagnostic socket (service) for checking internal voltages
– Input connector for switching the power amplifier on and off via AITOS tube preamplifiers
– Led indicators for remote control and fuse fault indication
– Built-in mains phase control.
– Delay of the anode voltage at power up

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