Aitos LV401 -phono MM/MC- -SOLD-


Dutch manufacturer Aitos makes the finest hand-built tube amplifiers around. This “boutique” manufacturer has been doing so since more then 30 years.

The LV401 preamplifier has a reference all tube phono amplifier of the highest quality as well as a reference all tube pre-pre amplifier for moving coil cartridges. In the Aitos LV401 twenty selected double triodes are used which are trimmed for long life. Dedicated soft start circuitry ensures a long tube life and protects the power amplifiers and the loudspeakers during the turn-on and turn-off cycle. The phono stage can be switched on separately; as to improve long tube life and to reduce power consumption as only the line stage is being used for listening to line sources.

An headphone amplifier has been integrated to drive high quality dynamic headphones. This headphone amp is controlled by a separate, independent volume control.

The LV401 comes with an external power supply and long connecting cable. Actual newprice for the successor LV403 is 18.000 euro, now this LV401 is available for 1.500 euro.

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