Audio Analogue Maestro Anniversary -SOLD-


The in recent years introduced ‘Anniversary’ edition of the Maestro may share its name with the original edition, but in every other respect it is an original in its own right, featuring a completely new design and using advanced technologies.

The tonal balance is very natural, but very dynamic when called for. Furthermore it generates a large and deep soundstage. Superb build quality and value for money compared to the obvious competitors. The Donizetti is a full dual-mono design and delivers 150W at 8ohm loads and 500W at 2 ohm loads.

Supplied by an official Dutch Audio Analogue dealer and sourced from the first owner. Including original box. Newprice: 9.950 euro, now available for 4.250 euro.


RCA-ingangen: 3
XLR-ingangen: 2
Ingangsimpedantie: 47KOhm
Maximaal ingangssignaal: 6Vrms
Wattage bij 8Ω :150W @ 1% THD + N
Wattage bij 4Ω : 300W @ 1% THD + N
Wattage bij 2Ω : 500 W @ 1% THD + N
Gevoeligheid (nominaal vermogen van 8Ω uitgang): 720Rrms
Frequentiebereik (Att 0dB, -3dB band): 90KHz
Uitgangsweerstand (2Ω nominaal vermogen en 1 kHz): 0,2 Ohm
Ingangsruis (Bandlimieten 0Hz-80kHz / A-gewogen): = 20μV / = 10μV
SNR = 100 dB
Stroomverbruik in stand-bystand (230VAC): 0.7W
Afmetingen (H x B x D): 168x450x550 mm
Gewicht: 31 Kg

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