AudioVector R3 Arreté -from 2023- -SOLD-


The R3 Arreté from Danish manufacturer Audiovector uses very high quality drivers with a very stable and beautifully finished cabinet. All mid/bass drivers are made of carbon fiber. The material is therefore lightweight, but very strong. The titanium voice coils provide a dynamic reproduction with less strain on the amplifier. In addition, the R3 Arreté has an R AMT tweeter, which is capable of a very detailed sound. Characteristic of AMT tweeters is that this type of tweeter sounds open and detailed without sounding too analytical. A major advantage of this speaker is that it can be placed close to a wall without problems. This is partly because the bass port is placed at the bottom of the speaker.

This very young R3 Arreté in a black ash finish was supplied by a Dutch Audiovector dealer in 2023. This package includes Atlas Hyper 2.0 grounding cables which take the performance to an even higher level. Including original box, manual and spikes. New price: 11.950 euros (pricelist is available), now for 5.950 euro.

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