Avalon Isis -SOLD-


The Isis is still one of the top-of-the-line loudspeakers from Avalon. Neil Patel of Avalon has used all of his knowhow, with almost a complete disregard to costs, to design this statement loudspeaker. With the used units, including the “large” diamond tweeter the Osiris produces a realistic and holographic musical image and does with an exceptional ease that can only be expected by a large system. These loudspeakers are not extremely difficult to drive, even without the use of “megawatt” amps one can obtain excellent results, as long as the amplification is of a very high level.

The previous owner requested these loudspeakers to be painted in high gloss black. This was done at an official Dutch Ferrari bodyshop. Avalon only finishes their loudspeakers in veneer.

Included with this system are the original Apex spikes, manual and shipping crates. Newprice: 116.500 euro (pricelist is available), now for SOLD euro.

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