Boulder 810 -SOLD-


The 810 preamplifier from Boulder shares many of the qualities of the “non-plus-ultra” reference amplifiers from Boulder, but at a more “affordable” price. The sound of the 810 is very neutral and detailed.

Including original box, metal remote and manual. Newprice: 9.000 euro (pricelist available), now for SOLD euro.

Review: Jeff Fritz from

“… Conclusion The Boulder 810 preamplifier and 860 stereo power amplifier were wonderfully musical devices to listen through. They also engaged the part of me that enjoys operating a fine automobile or wearing a Swiss watch: They’re thoroughly engineered to give the user an overall experience that exceeds most others available in the world of manufactured goods. And the Boulder combo’s sonic performance was in keeping with the best of the high end — their thoroughly modern sound appealed to both brain and heart. If you want great sound and functionality in two gorgeous packages, you need look no further than Boulder’s 810 and 860.”

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