Boulder 866 “with streaming DAC board” -SOLD-


The 866 integrated amplifier from Boulder shares many of the qualities of the “non-plus-ultra” reference amplifiers from Boulder, but at a more “affordable” price. The sound of the 866 is very neutral and detailed.

This 866 comes with the optional DAC module, enabling the 866 also to be used as a Roon endpoint.

Including original box, metal remote and manual. Newprice: 21.700 euro including the DAC module (pricelist available), now for SOLD euro.

Review What Hifi

“… The new Boulder 866 is more powerful than the amplifier it replaces and it’s also electronically and sonically superior to that amplifier. It’s also much better-looking… or at least it is in the opinion of everyone that I asked. Because of this I was – quite frankly – expecting Boulder to be charging quite a lot more for it than it is. Indeed I was more than a little surprised to discover that a standard Model 866 costs less than the equivalent 865 did when it was available.

Of course the price rises if you add the digital option (and you’d be mad not to add in the DAC!) but considering that you’re buying what is essentially a custom hand-built amplifier with a great DAC on-board – and a Roon endpoint – that sounds absolutely superb and has more power than you’ll ever need, you are most definitely getting top value for your hard-earned. This is an amplifier you will keep… and enjoy!… for the rest of your life.”

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