Bow Warlock & Walrus -with Wand remote- -SOLD-


Two masterpieces from Bo Christensen, the founder and chief designer of Bow. Very sophisticated design which has been finetuned to the ears of the Bow designteam. Unsurpassed building quality and very musical.

The dual-mono Walrus power amplifier from Danish Bow uses precision engineered mechanical parts and electronic components selected for their fine sonic characteristics. The Walrus is very heavy, due in part to no less than four large mains transformers and its substantial heat-sinking. Specified at 150 Watts per side into eight ohms, double the output is claimed into a four ohm load, resulting in an excellent load tolerance.

Including the optional Wand remote, which is a design masterpiece. Newprice: 11.900 euro, now available for 3.500 euro.

Specs Walrus:
Power output: 150 watts into 8 ohms and 300 watts into 4 ohms
Power bandwidth: 2 – 300KHz
Input sensitivity: 2v for full output
Input impedance: 50K ohms
Overall feedback: 20dB
Dimension(W xDxH) 434x390x160mm
Weight: 33Kg

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