Cello Audio Suite & Palette -phono MC- -SOLD-


One of the very best ever made preamps with the matching Audio Palette equalizer. Very sought after and in the meantime they have become rare collector’s items. The Audio Suite and Audio Palette are genius products of Mark Levinson himself and Tom Colangelo.

The Audio Suite is a modular system. This unit comes with three Premium modules and the B200 module with 5 line inputs. The three Premium modules are the P301 output module, P201 balanced input modules and last but not least the P101 Phono MC module. Naturally supplied with the Cello Master Power Supply and original power cables.

These units have been supplied by a former official Cello dealer and sourced from the first owner. These Cello’s are a real “catch” for the Cello connoisseur and “collector”.

Price for this unique collectable combination is 19.900 euro.

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