Cello Stradivari Master -SOLD-


Classic Reference loudspeakers from the mythical highend company Cello. These loudspeakers have been supplied by a former official Cello dealer and sourced from the first owner.

These Stradivari Master’s are a real “catch” for the Cello connaiseur “collector”. They still perform at a very high level and can be compared to todays reference loudspeakers with matching price tags.

Price: 7.500 euro.


Tweeters: 3/4″ (4)
Midranges: 2″ (4)
Woofers: 12″ (2)
Design: Acoustic Suspension
Minimum Power Requirement: 200 watts per channel
Impedance: 3 ohms (nominal), 2 ohm (minimal)
Crossover Frequencies: 500 Hz, 5000 Hz
SPL: 115 dB
Efficiency: 90 dB
Dimensions: 157 x 44 x 46 cm
Weight: 169 kg. each

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