Classe CP-800 MK2 -SOLD-


The CP-800 MK2 is the best and most versatile preamp ever build by Classe. This is the MK2 version enabling it to process 24/192Khz data on all digital inputs and it can be controlled by the Classe app, available for free. The CP-800 MK2 is a combination of a very flexible extraordinary good preamp. Besides that it is also a streaming device which offers streaming options including Apple’s AirPlay and DLNA, where sources benefit from special handling to accommodate files up to 192 kHz with the CP-800’s own oscillators controlling timing for D-to-A conversion. Furthermore it is also an excellent DAC that is able to process data up to 24/192Khz.

This CP-800 MK2 has been supplied by the official German distributor. It includes the original box, manual and full metal remote. Newprice: 6.450 euro (pricelist is available), now for 2.250 euro.

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