Conrad Johnson ART-300 -SOLD-


Magnificent 300W mono tube amplifiers from Conrad Johnson that have been designed to celebrate their 40th Anniversary. The ART-300 are their current statement amps. Worldwide raving reviews, see underneath the Hifi+ conclusion leading up to being “Amp of the year” in 2019.

Tube complement: 3 x 6922 and 4 x KT150. It has only single-ended inputs. It comes with the manual and boxes. Please note that these are official 230V supplied units for Europe. Newprice (Europe): 51.400 euro (2020 pricelist is available), now for 19.900 euro.

Hifi+ review:

“..In our test, we felt that “what the ART300 excels at is the ‘unforced delivery’.” This does not mean ‘relaxed’ but more effortlessly natural sounding. We also said that, “music is neither strained nor constrained in passing through the ART300 amps, and in listening to this wonderful amplifier group, you quickly realise just how rare that quality is in audio.” The ART300 Mono sets new standards in imaging properties, both in terms of soundstage size and solidity of image, but it also ‘times’ in an extremely natural manner. All of which make for a power amplifier that is mature in its approach and demands an equally mature outlook in its listeners. If you simply want audio fireworks, you might miss out on the music. The conrad-johnson ART300 Mono makes muisic!”

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