Conrad Johnson Premier 350 -VERKOCHT


Schitterende eindversterker van Conrad Johnson. Wereldwijd jubelende testen, zie onderstaand de conclusie van de befaamde recensent Martin Colloms.

2 x 350W / 8 ohm; 2 x 600W / 4 ohm. Inclusief originele verpakking en handleiding. Geleverd door de officiële Nederlandse importeur. Nieuwprijs (Europa): 11.000 euro, nu beschikbaar voor 3.500 euro.

Review Martin Colloms:

“… I think the Premier 350 will be the answer to many an audiophile’s dreams. If you have admired the Premier 8 monoblocks for their combination of power, musical subtlety and staging, and you favour the fluid, well balanced mid range of tube amplifiers, yet at the same time crave the dynamic range, grip and slam of the best solid state, then you owe it to yourself try the Premier 350.

I found this Premier power amplifier agile, extended and very well paced in the bass. It sounded tonally broad and richly textured in the mid, as well as lively, clear and balanced in the treble. It proved capable of wide, very deep and well focused stereo images, and could play loud into any load, while remaining satisfying and well resolved at moderate volume levels. For me, above all else, it was musically dynamic, upbeat and involving, strongly portraying performance, rhythm and syncopation. It can be fussy about power quality, matching components and location, and above all the quality of the programme fed into it, but with a good setup the musical rewards are lindingly obvious. Minor criticisms notwithstanding – and among them was definitely the unbalanced weight distribution– this first Premier solid-state power amplifier has nevertheless proved to be a winner.

The Premier 350SA is a natural – this combination of power, build, sound quality and price is the hallmark of a class leader. It has been worth the wait.”

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