Craft AC-03 -New Old Stock-


The AC-03 MC cartridge is the top-of-the-line cartridge from Audiocraft, designed by Matsudaira-san, the famed chief-designer for Audiocraft, responsible for the tonearms and carts. Later he became the chief-designer of the AirTight and My Sonic Lab cartridges. It has 0.3mV output.

This is a New Old Stock item which has never been mounted and is unused. Very rare and sought after. Including the original box en accessoiries. Now this collectors item is available for 2.500 euro.

– Frequency Response: 20Hz-40,000Hz
– Output Level: 0.3mV
– Channel Balance: within 1dB (1kHz)
– Channel Separation: greater than 30dB (1kHz)
– VTF: 2.0-2.4g (recommended at 2.2g)
– Compliance: 10×10^-6cm/dyne
– Internal Impedance: 3 ohms
– Stylus: Semi-line contact (3micrometers x 30 micrometers)
– Cantilever: 2-layer aluminum alloy
– Weight: 8.5g

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