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The Hermes from Denafrips is a DDC, which stands for Digital-to-Digital Converter. It functions as a device that transforms a digital audio signal from one format or interface to another within the digital domain. Its primary purpose revolves around facilitating harmony between distinct audio systems, particularly when confronted with diverse digital interfaces.

​The Denafrips digital-to-digital converter (DDC) represents a device meticulously crafted to accept a digital audio signal in a specific digital connection, for example, USB, and subsequently convert it into an alternative digital audio outputs. This conversion process not only enhances the audio quality but also involves the application of advanced processing techniques.

Including the original box. Now available for 750 euro.

Review Stereotimes:


The Denafrips Hermes is a piece of equipment that helps bring out the full potential of the DAC it is feeding. Jitter is a problem that is well-documented in the audio industry, and many manufacturers have made leaps and bounds strides in ameliorating this issue in the past ten years. However, as the Hermes demonstrates, there is still progress to be made. There may be a day when the Hermes becomes antiquated as the DAC’s of the day become something that cannot be added upon. But, at least for the current generation of DAC’s, the Hermes appears to add real value to a digital audio system. For me, the benefits are enough that I don’t have to question the purchase. I am keeping the review sample.”

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