Devialet 1000 Pro -SOLD-


There has not been another single product capable of making such a fuss in the world of high fidelity like the Devialet line of amplifiers. These innovative amplifiers from France have been worldwide discussed and reviewed like no other product, so all the info needed can be found online. The Devialet 1000 Pro offers you Devialet’s technology magnified through its operation in mono-block mode via a dedicated power supply and an ADH core for each channel. Furthermore this 1000 Pro has the newest Core Infinity technology onboard.

This unit has been supplied as a 1000 Pro and is therefore not an upgrade from an older unit. Including original boxes, manual and the beautiful remote control. Newprice: 27.900 euro (pricelist is available), now for 9.900 euro.

Please note that these units are in undamaged condition. Due to chrome it is almost impossible to make pictures without showing reflections of the surroundings.

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