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The Poweramp from German manufacturer Einstein is a fully balanced dual-mono hybrid power amplifier. It has received many favorable reviews worldwide. It uses four PCC88 driver tubes and is build with the very best components. It offers 2 x 90W / 8ohm and 2 x 140W / 4ohm.

Newprice: 17.500 euro (pricelist is available, newprice USA: 27.300 USD), now for 6.900 euro.

Review www.positive-feedback.com:
“…EINSTEIN has, over the years, produced some very fine equipment indeed. Most admirable of them is the fact that unlike so many others, new stuff doesn’t just happen all so often: in fact, only when the new product can really outshine the old one and lay the foundation for a next generation. I recall speaking with Volker Bohlmeier about this fact just this last summer, where he casually mentioned that in fact most of their products, going back to the original launches some 26 years ago, are still in circulation being used and listened to by Hi-Fi fans all over the world.

Take it for what it’s worth: The Poweramp is a stellar performer, worthy of being the crown jewel to any system you pair it up with. Neutral, powerful, with incredible clarity and slam, I’d say this one is a safe bet for even the most discerning of audiophiles. Considering its topology is similar to EINSTEIN’s reference, their OTL Silver Bullet amplifier, you simply must give this one a listen. Most highly recommended, A+++.”

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