General Electric 6550A -last USA made NOS tubes-


This special offer is for 32 General Electric 6550A tubes. These are the very last USA made 6550 tubes from manufacturer MPD based in Owensboro, Kentucky. The former owner of Audio Research M300 amps ordered almost 25 years ago two spare sets of sixteen 6550A tubes for his cherished amps. Now this “barnfind” has become available for “tube aficionados”.

These unused tubes are now available in two matched sets of 16 tubes. We have two of these sets available. Price for each matched set of 16 tubes is 3.200 euro.

Please note that we will not sell a smaller quantity of tubes.

“GE 6550A
When GE came out with this tube in 1971, it was a direct competitor to the Tung-Sol 6550. It was used in many high-end amps from Audio Research, Conrad Johnson, VTL, etc. When GE sold off the Owensboro, Kentucky tube works (the old Ken-Rad plant), much of
the tooling was sold to MPD. Since the mid 1980s, MPD manufactured the 6550A built to the same specs as the original GE 6550A. These were made until 1995, when they ceased production.”

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