Grand Prix Audio Monaco 2.0 -SOLD-


A beautiful reference turntable from USA manfacturer Grand Prix Audio. The “small” sized Monaco 2.0 has a small footprint, but is engineered to the highest levels with the best materials (carbon) available. Many reviews in leading magazines can be found online and the Monaco 2.0 is considered to be among the highest performing analog systems ever manufactured.

Please note that this unit has been fully upgraded to 2.0 specs by the factory in the USA. The listed price for the upgrade only is 24.000 euro. It comes with an armboard drilled for the Tri-Planar, although the tonearm pictured is not included in this offering.

Including all original boxes, shipping crate, tools, manual and all that is originally supplied with the turntable. Newprice for the Monaco 2.0 is 45.000 euro (pricelist is available), now for 17.500 euro.

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