Grand Prix Audio Monaco -SOLD-


A beautiful reference turntable from USA manfacturer Grand Prix Audio. The “small” sized Monaco has a small footprint, but is engineered to the highest levels with the best materials (carbon) available. Many reviews in leading magazines can be found online and the Monaco is considered to be among the highest performing analog systems ever manufactured.

It comes with an armboard drilled for the Tri-Planar, although the tonearm pictured is not included in this offering, but can be bought seperately.

Including shipping crate and manual. Newprice for the Monaco without a tonearm was 34.900 euro (pricelist is available), now for 8.500 euro.

Review Hifi+ by Roy Gregory:

“… In many ways this is the most accomplished, convincing and
insightful turntable I’ve used at home. The more I’ve used it the more I’ve enjoyed it; the more I’ve put in, the more I’ve got out. Will I miss it when it goes? Why don’t they make stick on patches for vinyl withdrawal? Of the serious vinyl replay contenders this is by far the most practical. Nor, given the cost of the competition and the material content and execution involved here, is it extravagantly expensive. It’s demanding and rewarding in equal measure and if Grand Prix Audio’s Monaco doesn’t sound like other turntables maybe, just maybe it sounds like the great ‘tables to come.”

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