Grimm LS1 -with SB1 DMF subwoofers- -SOLD-


The Grimm LS1 is a Reference loudspeaker system that operates in the digital domain and just needs a digital source. But it can also be used with an analog source due to the availability of onboard A/D converters. This version has 2 amplifiers per channel, 2 DAC’s, DSP with digital crossovers, an A/D converter and a reference digital clock.

Most reviewers have found the LS1 to be one of the very best “affordable” Reference loudspeaker systems available in the market today. This LS1 combination has been supplied by an official Dutch dealer. They come with the optional SB1 DMF subwoofers.

They come with the original controller, USB interface and cables. Newprice for this combination of LS1, LS1r (remote), LS1i (USB interface) and SB1 DMF subwoofers: 30.541 euro (pricelist is available), now for SOLD euro.

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