J.C. Verdier Control B -line version with DRPS- -SOLD-


French manufacturer J.C. Verdier started in 1972 with the production of the famous “Platine Verdier” turntable, which is still manufactured with very few changes. Jean Constant Verdier later developed several tube amplifiers which all share the same musicality and top notch performance, although based on differnt designs and using different tubes.

The family company is now headed by Eric Verdier, who continues to create and built great sounding tube amplifiers and turntables.

This offer is for a Control “B” tube preamplifier. This version is line only, therefore no phono. Furthermore it comes with the optional “Dual regulated power supply” with three three tubes, one rectifier 5Y3, one 6Y6 and an EF184. Now available for 850 euro.

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