Jadis JA100 Anniversary -SOLD-


This is a very special and very rare version of the Jadis JA-100 amplifier. This “Anniversary” version of the JA-100 has been built with even better audiophile components, enabling it to perform at an even higher level compared to the “standard” JA-100. According to our information only one JA-100 Anniversary amplifiers has been built by Jadis. 100W class A power, they can also drive “difficult load” loudspeakers.

They have an autobias circuit, so you can use either 6CA7, EL34, 6550, KT88 of KT90 tubes without having to adjust the bias. They have KT-120 tubes installed that have only played for a few days. Including original manual and packaging. Price for this very special and beautiful pair is 9.500 euro.

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