Jan Allaerts MC2 Finish Gold -SOLD-


Jan Allaerts cartridges are manufactured in Belgium and have become legendary due to their performance. They seldom become available pre-owned. Current waiting time for orders is > 1 year.

This MC cartridge has been carefully used and is in excellent condition. This cartridge can naturally be auditioned. Including original box. Price: 2.750 euro.


– Coil windings: 20 micron gold handwinding wire
– Stylus holder: Solid boron rod : 0.3 mm x 7 mm
– Stylus tip: TIP FG S HIGH TECH diamond,highly polished finish
– Coil impedance: 32 Ohm
– Load impedance: 845 Ohm
– Load capacity: 150 pF
– Stylus pressure: 1.8 Grams (max tolerance 0.05 Gram)
– Output Voltage: 200µV
– Max tracing capacity: 400µmm
– Channel separation: 70 dB at 100 Hz, 60 dB at 1Khz, 70dB at 20Khz
– Frequency range: 3Hz to 100 Khz
– Total THD%: 0.1 %
– Total unit weight: 10 Grams (incl. socket screws)

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