Kondo KSL-M77 Phono -SOLD-


The ultimate all-silver wired, hand-made tube preamplifier with phono stage. A true work of art.

Mr. Kondo’s amplifiers were different. It’s not just that he was the son of a Buddhist priest or a professor of electrical engineering and molecular metallurgy. It was his uncanny ability to fuse hard engineering with profound insight into the wonders of music that made him into the “Picasso of contemporary audio design”. In brief, there is nothing quite like a Kondo amp and when you hear one, you just know.

This unit was manufactured in 2015 and was one the last units of this model that still was designed by Kondo-san himself.

This Kondo comes with the original box and “cerificate of provenance”. Newprice: 45.500 euro (pricelist is available), now for 22.500 euro.

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