Lamm ML-2 -SOLD-


Mono tube power amps from Lamm. These SET amplifiers with their 18W per channel are the best Lamm has produced. They are hand-built in the USA with only parts of the finest quality: Dale metal-film resistors; Caddock power film resistors; PRC wire-wound resistors; Bourns multi-turn potentiometers; Electrocube and Roederstein film capacitors; high-frequency switching-grade Cornell Dubilier and United Chemi-Con electrolytic capacitors; Hammond chokes; etc..

These single ended triode amplifiers have an extremely fluent soound and a perfect rendering of the human voice. Furthermore they are built like a tank. With 18W able to drive most loudspeakers, except exotic models with a very low sensitivity.

Including the original shipping crates. Newprice (Europe): 35.000 euro, now available for 8.500 euro.

Review by Marc Mickelson:

“…The Lamm ML2s are single-ended amps that can drive a larger variety of speakers than other SET designs, and they are the finest amplifiers that Lamm has produced (yes, I’ve heard them all). However, on a more personal note, the ML2s are the most magnificent audio electronics that I’ve used, and they very well may be the most complete-sounding amplifiers you can buy.

… The most valuable bit of advice I can give people lucky enough to be shopping for amplifiers in the $30k price range is to seek out and hear the Lamm ML2s with their speakers. The ML2s are very expensive, and man are they worth it.”

Check the Lamm website for even more raving reviews from all leading magazines.

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