Locus Audio CynoSure V2 -USB, 1m- -VERKOCHT-


Een van de allerbeste USB interconnects ooit gemaakt. De CynoSure V2 van Locus Audio heeft een lengte van 1 meter en is in uitstekende conditie. Slechts enkele van deze kabels hebben toentertijd Europa bereikt….

Nieuwprijs in de USA bedroeg 3.000 USD, nu beschikbaar voor 850 euro.

…Cynosure is clearly a step up from the Nucleus in all areas: bigger, more resolving, warmer, more real and tonally richer… and way more dimensional. Wow, this USB cable is not only the cat’s pajamas but the slippers and lounging robe as well!
Dave Clark, Positive Feedback, Issue 46

…Also when going USB try the best USB cable you can afford… say any from Locus Designs… their Nucleus is quite intoxicating, but Lee just came out with the new Cynosure and yikes… Lee is one amazing USB/cable guy. This cable is so dimensionally sweet with such a gorgeous mid-range… and yet you get all the resolution with no hint of hype that… hey, this cable sounds a lot like the MPS-5! Killer cable man.
Dave Clark, Positive Feedback, Issue 46

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