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The Model 7 was a breakthrough in preamplifier design at its introduction in 1958. Largely engineered by Saul Marantz, the Model 7 offered dual phono inputs a three-position phono equalization switch (78, Columbia, RIAA), two tuner inputs, and in a stroke of prescience, a “TV” input. In 1958.

This offering is for the reissue of the “cult” Model 7, see underneath the additional info. This unit is a rare original 230V version with all Marantz branded tubes installed and including the original manual. Price is 3.500 euro.

Marantz Classics, manufactured by VAC
In 1995 VAC entered into an agreement with Marantz Japan to recreate the legendary Model 7 Preamplifier, Model 8B Stereo Amplifier, and Model 9 Monoblock. These models were made variously between 1958 and 1967, and have been sought after by collectors world-wide as the finest examples of the audio engineering art of their day. The production of the limited edition Marantz Classics ended in 1998.

Unlike the McIntosh and other modern “reissues”, the Marantz Classics were exacting recreations of the original models. Labor intensive point-to-point wiring was retained – no printed circuit boards here. Extensive archeology by the VAC engineers uncovered original vendors and designs for virtually all key components. Except for a few changes mandated by international safety regulations, these models are as if straight from a 1960 showroom.

Given the nostalgic nature of these components, it was truly amazing to discover that they still can beat many modern audio products, as attested to in several reviews in the late 1990’s.

VAC continues to supply many key components for the repair and restoration of these three classic Marantz models.

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