Marantz NA11 S1 -SOLD-


Audiophile DSD music player from Marantz. The NA-11S1 is extremely well built with a rigid copper-plated chassis with 5mm thick aluminum top cover minimize vibration and interference. Besides all streaming functionality, the NA-11S1 can also be used as an external high quality converter with selectable digital filters that allow you to tune the sound to your preferences.
Besides DSD files the NA-11S1 can also play FLAC HD 192/24 files, WAV 192/24 files, Internet Radio and Streaming Services support via Ethernet, and AirPlay Music Streaming from iTunes or iDevices – as well as many other file types. The USB-B port works in asynchronous mode and supports 192kHz / 24bits. The USB-A port on the front panel also makes playback from an iPod/iPhone/iPad or USB devices just as simple.

Including original remote and manual. Newprice: 3.990 euro, now available for 990 euro.

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