Mark Levinson 383 -fully serviced in 2021- -SOLD-


Beautiful dual mono integrated amplifier from Mark Levinson. This amp incorporates flexible menu-controlled functions, including selecting a source name from a pre-programmed list or customizing a name. The conservatively rated 100 Watts output power per channel in 8 doubles to 200 Watts in 4 ohm loads. Very stable, delivers constant high current, regardless of impedance or frequency, for supremely transparent sound and prodigious dynamic capabilities.

It has both balanced and single ended inputs. This 383 comes with the manual and original metal remote. It has been fully serviced in 2021 by the official service department of the Mark Levinson distributor. All aging parts were replaced by new ones for more than 500 euro. The underlying invoice is naturally available. Newprice (Europe): 9.500 euro, now available for 2.850 euro.

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