Mark Levinson ML6a -L3 phono MC & Roumanis FS1- -SOLD-


This is a unique offering, the very best that Mark Levinson and Tom Colangelo have made before Madrigal and later Harman took over the brand Mark Levinson.

Built with the finest parts, fully dual mono and with seperate external powersupplies for each channel (PLS-154). The ML6a has two inputs, one phono MC input (L3 module) and one line input.

Included is also een tailor made Roumanis FS1 additional input selector. This unit enables you to expand the number of line inputs. The FS1 has been specifically designed for the ML6 and has the same design.

One of the finest preamps built by Mark Levinson. By many still considered to be the better preamp compared to the latter Madrigal based series.

Price for this very rare “cult” preamp is 3.950 euro.

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