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The Orgon from German manufacturer Martion is a full active 4-way Spherical Wave Horn System. The four completely symmetrical power amplifiers in each loudspeaker are fed by the fully separated external 1000W power supply behind the loudspeaker.

The high-range horn is constructed from solid material, both mid-range and lower mid range units are of filled sandwich construction, acoustically dead and provide constant
resonance dissipation. In the lower mid-range horn there is a special 30 cm cone driver with a powerful magnet and in the bass a corresponding 46 cm driver.

The loudspeakers developed by Basil Martion are considered as one of the best kept secrets in the audiophile community and very often they were selected by reviewers in the “best sound of the show” category.

Weight: 140kg. Frequency response: 20 Hz – 25 kHz. Sensitivity: up to 116 dB 1 W/m. Actual newprice for the Orgon is 65.000 euro, now this pair is available for 12.500 euro.

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