McIntosh MA5300 -SOLD-


The MA5300 is the newest integrated amplifier from McIntosh. It has both balanced and unbalanced inputs along with an excellent phono MM input.

On the digital side it has the DA-1 module installed with optical, coaxial and USB inputs. The MA5300 is also capable of decoding DSD files up to DSD256.

This MA5300 has been supplied by the official German distributor and is in mint condition. Including original box, remote and manual. Newprice: 7.490 euro (pricelist is available), now available for 4.500 euro.


– 2x 100 Watt Direct Coupled Integrated Amplifier
– 4x Single Ended Inputs
– 1x Balanced Input
– Phono MM Input
– DA-1 DAC module
– 6 digital inputs
– USB up to 32bit/192kHz & DSD256DXD
– 384kHz MCT input for SACD replay
– McIntosh Monogrammed Heatsinks™

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