Mudra PX 4 x 250 -SOLD-


The PX 4 X 250 Transformator Filter from German manufacturer Mudra Acoustics is a power conditioner that is equipped with four 250 VA isolating transformers and allows the simultaneous operation of equipment with lower power requirements, e.g. preamps, CD players, streamers, etc..

The PX modules are equipped with toroidal isolation transformers with high load reserves and is manufactured according to the highest standards.

The Mudra Acoustics power conditioners are a real insider tip. Manufactured to the highest standards end very effective. Newprice: 3.740 euro, now available for 1.750 euro including VAT.

For buyers outside the EU 21% VAT can be deducted Please note that the following terms and conditions apply for this offering:
•For EU buyers these items come with a VAT invoice, the aforementioned price naturally includes 21% VAT.
•For non-EU buyers the VAT tax amount included in the aforementioned price can be deducted if the items are physically exported outside the EU, please ask us for additional information.

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