Music First Audio Classic -passive preamp with remote- -SOLD-


The Classic from Music First Audio is the best selling passive highend preamp ever. This unit is the classic “copper” version. It comes with the expensive remote control option, which uses an high quality stepper motor. This preamp has won many prizes and received worldwide raving reviews. With both single-ended and balanced in- and outputs.

The previous owner has changed the cosmetic appareance to white, instead of black, matching it with the rest of his system. Furthermore the knobs were changed to beautiful massive copper ones (the original ones are included). Including remote control. Now available for 990 euro.

Stereophile review:
“… I noted exceptional resolution and transparency. The sound was very close to what I associate with top-notch active preamps that cost several to many times the price of the Music First. There was a total absence of grain and hardness. The midrange was simply lovely: smooth, delicate, natural. The biggest surprise was the bass response, which was exceptionally strong and tight yet not overdone. The Music First did what a preamp should do: it enabled my digital sources and my power amps to perform at their best….”

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