Nordost Valhalla -3m, biwire- -SOLD-


Reference loudspeaker cable from Nordost. By combining special materials and construction it combines the best of both worlds, Speed and transparency for the mids/highs and a very deep and solid bass, in combination with a large layered soundstage.

Factory bi-wire terminated and with serial numbers, length: 3 meter. Newprice: 8.799 euro (pricelist available), now for 2.950 euro.

Review by Marc Mickelson on Soundstage:

“….The “sound” of Valhalla is a conundrum. More than any interconnects and speaker cables I’ve used, Valhalla achieves the theoretical goal of being a neutral conduit between components. Valhalla’s perceived speed and transparency are simply the best I’ve heard, and its retrieval of detail is also greater than that of any other cable I’ve used. Valkyrja is very close or identical in these regards, but in turn it doesn’t quite have Valhalla’s realistic sense of body, although it is notable in this regard and a step above Nordost’s previous top cables, Quattro-Fil and SPM Reference. I don’t mean something akin to tubey fullness here, but rather weight and density, both of which sound wholly consonant with each recording, neither additive nor subtractive. Valhalla casts a positively huge, airy soundstage that will test your equipment’s ability to do the same, and these cables’ reproduction of layers of instrumentation is, again, second to none in my experience. Nordost cables are often knocked as sounding intrinsically lean, but that criticism is valid with Valhalla only when it is compared to the rare cable that crosses the neutrality line into the realm of plumposity.”

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