Ortofon Jubilee -VERKOCHT-


Voormalig MC topmodel van Ortofon. Speelt beter dan vele duurdere exotische elementen. Zie ook de review onder.

Uitgangspanning 0,34mV, aanbevolen naaldkracht 2,3g. Het element verkeert in uitstekende conditie, indien gewenst uitgebreid te beluisteren. Nieuwprijs: 1.700 euro, nu beschikbaar voor 550 euro.

Positive-feedback.com review:

“…. The Jubilee put a smile on my face every time I listened to it and that’s a good thing. It has all of the attributes of the best cartridges; great bass, almost flawless midrange and detailed and extended treble. The imaging is downright scary and the tonal and textural qualities are first class. Rather than blow you back in your chair, the Jubilee sneaks up on you when in a sudden epiphany you realize just how great it makes the music sound. The Kontrapunkt B is a great cartridge for the price but the Jubilee makes it virtually impossible to return to. To me that’s the hallmark of a great product, something that is special enough to make you want it real bad and make the prospect of returning to the old stuff seem like a giant step back. You can call me crazy but at C$2200 the Ortofon Jubilee represents a staggering bargain in the world of true High End cartridges and one that I for one don’t think I can ignore. “

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