PS Audio NuWave Phono converter -SOLD-


PS Audio’s NuWave Phono Converter combines a fully analog phono preamplifier and an analog DSD/PCM converter that can be used for a record player, a tape recorder, an FM tuner, or any other high-level input. It features an advanced all- analog phonostage and an equally advanced A/D converter, both of which have discrete circuit sections. The NuWave isolates and separates the analog and digital paths within the device—making it the first product where you can clearly compare the sound of a true high-end analog phono preamp with that of a state-of- the-art A/D converter that can drive virtually any modern DAC.

Suitable for both MM and MC cartridges. Raving reviews worldwide. Adjustable gain and load. XLR and RCA outputs. Newprice: 2.395 euro (pricelist is available) , now for 850 euro.

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