PTP Audio Blok 20 -SOLD-


These items were sourced from the estate of well respected Dutch Sixmoons reviewers Henk and Marja. Unfortunately they passed away and left a collection of highend audio items behind. For all these items reviews can be found on Sixmoons or

We hope they rest in peace and that their beloved audio items will find a new way to passionate music lovers.

The PTP Blok 20 is an extremely minimalist amp that sounds extremely good. Price: 750 euro.

2x20W Minimalist Integrated Solid State Amplifier.
Built around the LM1875 amplifier chip.
Minimal parts count (the amplifier circuit is 1 chip and 3 resistors).
Non PCB, point-to-point wired amplifier section
Extremely short signal path.
3x line level input.
50k input impedance.
Ultra fast recovery rectifiers.
Huge 300VA toroidal transformer.
All wiring is high purity silverplated copper with teflon insulation.
4mm Aluminium backpanel with integrated heatsink.
170(H)x175(W)x200(D)mm solid Corian housing to minimise resonances.

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