Reed 1H -10,5″- -SOLD-


The Reed 1H is a pivoted 10.5″ tonearm that is easy to adjust and use. It has a carbon armtube and performs beyond expectations, based on its price.

Including the the original box and certificate of authenticity. Newprice: 3.199 euro (pricelist is available), now available for 1.350 euro.

Bearing: Cardanic
Armwand: Carbon Fibre
Antiskate: Magnetic system
Adjustments: Azimuth, VTA
Other Feature: Replaceable Headshell
Effective Length: 10.5”
Mounting distance: 251.6 mm
Pivot to spindle distance: 251.6 mm
Overhang distance: 15,4 mm
Offset angle: 20.7 degrees

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