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The Reed 5T is a pivoted tonearm with a unique design that enables it to track tangentially. During record playback, a laser emitter and a laser sensor are used to track the tonearm’s lateral motion. That information is used to adjust, on the fly, the position of the tonearm’s lateral pivot: a correction applied in real time by means of a small, battery-powered motor in the arm-mount assembly.

This innovative technological masterpiece from Reed comes with the original box and certificate of authencity. Newprice: 15.999 euro (pricelist is available), now in “as new” condition available for 8.750 euro.

Mounting distance: 251 mm (platter diam.max.= 330 mm)
Tracking error: +/- 5 Minute of Angle (MOA)
Effective mass: 8-16 g, depending on armwand material (replaceable armwand)
Height adjustment: compatible with 28÷48 mm height platters
VTA adjustment precision: +/- 0.2 mm
Azimuth adjustment: +/- 8 deg
Downforce range: 10÷30 mN (cartridge mass 5.5 g – 19.5 g,(4.0 g – 25,0 g))
Traction: Limited rotation sectional torque linear motor
Voltage: direct 12 V, using battery power source Reed Source 12V

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