Shelter 9000 -SOLD-


Shelter 9000 MC cartridge from Japanese designer Yasuo Ozawa. The 9000 is the finest of Shelter’s “thousand-series” models, which means it is, hands down, one of the two most revealing and transparent-sounding cartridges the company has offered to date.

This Shelter 9000 is in excellent condition and can naturally be auditioned. Including the box. Price: 1.500 euro.

– Output: 0.65mV
– Internal resistance: 10 Ohms
– Tracking force range: 1.4–2 grams
– Body: Anodized aluminum
– Cantilever: Boron
– Stylus: Elliptical nude diamond, 0.7 x 0.3 mil
– Weight: 11 grams

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