Sillpoints Universal Resonance Dampers & Risers -SOLD-


Our offering is for several sets of Stillpoints Universal Dampers. Stillpoints Dampers have earned much praise during the past decade. They can be used to place them underneath components and improve performance. These are finished to the highest standards and perform accordingly.

Furthermore we have a few sets of Risers available. All sets come in their original boxes. For prices and availability see underneath:

Universal Resonance Dampers, 4 sets of 3 units: 150 euro per set
Universal Resonance Dampers, 2 sets of 3 units in an hardcase: 170 euro per set
Risers, black, adjustable, 2 sets of 3 units, 70 euro per set
Risers, stainless steel, not adjustable, 1 set of 3 units, 50 euro per set.

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